Replicating measures in a linked way

• Mar 14, 2021 - 01:34

I've touched this subject before, so this is more of a reminder now. I would like to see in MuseScore a feature that allows one or more consecutive measures to be copied to another part of the score but maintaining a link to the origin of the copy, so that when the original measure(s) is(are) edited, the editions affect equally, the linked copied measure(s).


To illustrate the usefulness of such a feature, here is a case which happens to me frequently: I start writing down a new composition and when it's done I decide to change a few things in a chorus that occurs more than once in the score. I have to perform the editing more than once, in different places of the score, making the process error prone. Of course, I could edit the first occurrence and then re-copy it to the points where it occurs again, but it would be simpler and more practical if such a re-copy procedure could be made automatically. I know that this is not unreasonable to wish, because in old times, when I used Cakewalk (at the time, by Twelve Tone Systems), I had such a feature.

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