Dynamics (playback) shortcut

• Mar 12, 2021 - 14:15

When using Expression text to add dynamics it does not work as the actual dynamics text - it doesn't work in the playback.
It would be very useful to have a shortcut for dynamics that work in the playback and has all the parameters.



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For the work flow, working on large scores a dynamic shortcut would be much better than going each time to the pallette. From what I have tried the special text shortcut doesn't create a text that has the dynamic parameters. It looks like the dynamic text (which is great) but then, for a playback it's not working.
Am I missing something?
Is there a shortcut that creates the dynamic texts with the parameters?
The link attached doesn't seem to be the answer.
Thanks again

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But, it is possible to access the palette via keyboard in a way you might find useful. For example, after adding a dynamic once by clicking as usual, you can then return keyboard focus to that location in the palette with Shift+Tab, then use Up/Down to navigate, and hit Enter to apply the selected element. Note Shift+Tab might not work if you've opened and closed the window or rearranged the toolbars - focus might go somewhere else instead. But after a restart that should be the default tab order. Also you can define a shortcut (in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts) for "Apply current palette element" so you can easily keep reapplying the last-used symbol.

I join this comment. Currently Ctrl+E, Ctrl+Shift+p writes the piano dynamic but the text doesn't have dynamics.
It'll be very useful to have a shortcut for dynamics that actually play... I hope it can be applied in Musescore 4.
Going to the palette for every dynamic change is not very smooth, you're working on a part, then you have to go to the palette... it makes more sense to choose the note and click in the dynamics.

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Ctrl+E is for expression text, not dynamics, so it won't affect playback, won't align with hairpins, or otherwise be treated like a dynamic. Someday indeed we hope to make it possible to add all palette elements via keyboard shortcut.

But note, you can click in from the palette, not sure if you're trying to drag&drop but that's not needed. A single click does it.

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