Manually add BPM value

• Oct 24, 2009 - 21:43
S5 - Suggestion

it would sure be cool if we could add tempo, and, even stuff like 90.5 or so. Could you guys please implement the manual inserting of BPM value for the metronome?



I know that I can add tempo from Create-Text-Tempo but it would sure be cool if the Play Panel had the ability to manually insert tempo without having to necessarily create a Tempo standalone text. Also regarding this issue, I know that for the set tempo to save and remain after closing and opening a score, a tempo marker such as a tempo text is really needed.
Couldn't you guys make the Play Panel tempo selection save on throughout the whole score?
because sometimes you just want that .mid export file to carry the desired tempo, and not to really have to put a tempo text in the score....

That would be cool, thanks!

I have a question regarding tempo setting. Why is it that even though I added a tempo text with 91 BPM, that Play Panel BPM value remained the same as before? isn't it supposed to change and follow the setting from the tempo marker?


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I second this request...I have a piece in which the tempo is 1 quarter note = 56 mm
but can't figure out how to add this mm to the score

can someone point me to how I can do this?

also, unless I'm missing something it would be nice if the play panel and the tempo mm on the score would correlate

For some crazy/mysterious/irrelevant reason, the only way MuseScore is going to remember your set tempo (unlike every other decent app that deals with score writing) is to create a tempo TEXT. I also don't like this very much as I think it would be perfect if the danged score would just remember the tempo from the play panel.
You need to go to Create-Text-Tempo to make MuseScore remember your tempo.........................