how do I create rhythmic notation w/ chords connected

• Mar 11, 2021 - 16:20

In bar 40 I would like slash notation above the staff to show Dm7 on beat 3, Eb∆7 on beat 4 (tied over).
Bar 41 would have the C(9)/E on beat 3 and F13 sus on beat 4 (tied over)

Is this possible. ?
I create the slashes in voice 3 but I cant place them vertically correctly to avoid collision with voice 1 notes and ties.

Thank you all!!


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I don't see any slash notation here, so I'm not sure what you tried, but it should work fine to use Tools / Fill With Slashes or Tools / Toggle Rhythmic Slash Notation. See the Handbook under "Tools" for more info. You might indeed need to do so manual adjustments to get the specific look you want in terms of how thee various elements interact with each other, but if you continue to need help after using the slash feature, post a version in which you've entered that first, then we can assist further.

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Well, it's kind of an inherent prpblem here since the melody lives in the same location as the slashes. You could put the slashes below the staff, or use the "offset" field in the Chord section of the Inspector to move them higher above the staff to avoid the melody. For instance, a value of -3.0 sp clears the melody note.

BTW, I see all sorts of manual adjustments applied to the chord symbols which creates a pretty erratic look there. Best to reset them back to the defaults (right-click one, Select / All Similar Elements, Ctrl+R). To get them aligned within a system, just turn up the "maximum shift above" in Format / Style / Chord Symbols.

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