Chord symbols + slashes...placement

• Mar 11, 2021 - 16:12

Can we make it possible to have the extensions, etc ABOVE the chord so we can fit it into tight spaces?
Ex G7#9#5 would have the #9#5 smaller and above and slightly to the right, and stacked vertically.
This is common practice.
thank you.


Currently this is possible if you do a search of this site and find one of the various XML files that users have put together and shared to do this. Hopefully a future version will support it more directly.

Here is one I created. It only works with the specific combinations I set it up to do - elsewhere I see you use + and - instead of # and b, that won't work (and isn't recommend), but you can try editing this handle whatever you want. To use it, save it your Styles folder then load in Format / Style / Chord Symbols by specifying "Custom" appearance and clicking the button next to that.

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