Importing midi files

• Mar 10, 2021 - 05:25

I have tried several times (unsuccessfully) to open various midi files. I don’t know what I am missing but to start eliminating possibilities, does musescore care if the file is type 0 or type 1?

Btw- the files DO open but I always end up with a single drum track ( that doesn’t play) even when there are no drum tracks in the file.


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Unfortunately the MIDI format doesn't provide any other way that I have ever heard of. But in the cases where you have a non-standard MIDI file, you can simply copy/paste the contents onto a mother staff, if you end up with a percussion track getting assigned a non-percussion instrument or vice versa. You can probably just use change instrument (in Staff/Part Properties) instead, but I'd also guess there is a decent chance some things wouldn't work right, as internally MuseScore makes a pretty big distinction between these staff types and who knows what info might be lost in the process.

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