Time Signature (10/8, 10/4) Bug

• Mar 7, 2021 - 22:05

Whenever the time signature has a 10 in the numerator, the denominator doesn't show up.
(e.g. 10/8, 10/4). I have tweaked the staff size at 110% just so you know if this caused the problem.

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It works OK for me


If you right click on the time signature you can inspect and change its properties. There is a setting for "Appearance" where you can put whatever you like as the numerator and or denominator. If both the numerator and denominator in that section are blank the time signature will show the actual numerator and denominator as defined in the "Actual value" section. But if you just put a value in the numerator and leave the denominator blank it will just show the numerator. In this example it will just show the 10.


If this is what you have when you look at the properties, just delete that 10 from the "Appearance" section.

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