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• Mar 7, 2021 - 04:47

Since the MuseScore Image Capture function will not paste to this forum, I have once again put my examples into an external file.

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Post the MuseScore file, please. I suspect you have entered the half-note in the same Voice as those whole notes but this can only be ascertained from the MSCZ file, not a picture (and not everyone can open ODT files, by the way).

Regarding pasting an image into a forum, most rely on text and markup language so you can't paste an image into a forum. I'd be interested to see what forum you have been on that allows this so I can see how they do it.

ODT is not a universal file format. Right-clicking on the capture selection allows you to save as a PNG file which you can attach to a forum reply and which most people can read.

Anyway the actual MSCZ file is more useful in this case.

Indeed you cannot paste images directly into the forum, but you can certain save the image then attach the file.

But as has been explained already, images seldom help us understand a problem. Please attach your actual score and then precise steps to rep[produce them - a simple plain text list you type into your comment, like:

1) load attached score
2) click second note of fourth measure
3) press half note icon on toolbar

Then explain what you expected to happen and what happened instead. Chances are there is a very simple explanation that will help you understand how to use MuseScore more efficiently, but we can't really begin to assist without this information.

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It looks like MuseScore is doing exactly what the OP is telling it to do. The D is entered in one voice and the other three have been entered in a different voice. I get the exact same result because the voices that the notes have been entered in. So if the D is in voice 2 and the F and both E's are voice 1 and I try to enter a G in voice 1, I get the OP's result. Allthe voice 1 notes become half notes
It seems like it's all about voices, to me.

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Generally speaking, the top voice should be 1, because it defaults to stems up, and the bottom voice 2, because it defaults to stems down. In the failr uncommon but no unheard-of cases where additional voices are needed, then it's more of a personal judgement call as to how to handle it, but voice 3 defaults to stem up, voice 4 to stem down.

And for the record, the fact that having the different rhythms simultaneously in the same measure requires multiple voices is not some quirk of MsueScore, it's inherent to how standard music notation works.

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