Enhancements to instruments dialog

• Mar 6, 2021 - 08:04

I previously requested that the instruments dialog be modified so that a guitar staff with linked tablature would allow the note staff and the tablature staff could be made visible or invisible independently. I remain hopeful that this feature can/will be added. As I was thinking on this another idea came, that a checkbox be added for each track/instrument that would allow muting/unmuting the instrument during playback. This would be a lot easier than calling up the mixer and making the changes there.

Thanks for your consideration.


I do think it likely the ability to show/hide staves individually will someday be implement.ed.

But I'm confused as to why you are thinking it would be easier to mute staves in one window versus a different window. If it's just that the current design of the mixer requires more scrolling, it seems to me it's more to the point to just improve that, which is definitely being planned. But clearly, the mixer is the right place to mute tracks, not the instrument list.

Or if you mean, some controls be added directly on the score, yes, that's the sort of thing I'd also expect to see someday as part of the whole MuseScore 4 project.

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Actually it’s just that I have the instrument dialog open very frequently, the mixer not so much. If I could mute the tracks in the instrument dialog, it would be one less window that I would have to fool with. AND . . . I didn’t want to push you this far but, you could also add the faders to the instrument dialog and do away with the mixer altogether.

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The former I do via Staff-properties > Change Instrument button (saves you the copy-paste).
Adding staves/instruments indeed needs the instrument dialog.

For creating scores for different players, I use the built-in Parts feature which lets me set different layout options for different players as well as preserve them.

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