Classical guitar half barre notation??

• Mar 4, 2021 - 01:16

Any idea how to add this info on a score? (the half barre, and the line showing how long to hold it)




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Also: you can use this ready-to-use palette, see attachment below.
And updated palette for version 3.6, the size was no longer suitable: the B's were too big, and the C's too small.

I think we now come to a new good compromise - that you can customize of course according to your preferences.
As a reminder if necessary: this is a .mpal format file. You have to download it from an existing MuseScore palette: right-click a palette name -> Load palette -> Select and Open this file "Barres Palette"

See: Palette Barres 3.6.mpal

EDIT: as you probably know, there are many ways in publications to indicate these barres. The two "styles" on the attached palette are surely the most common, or among the most common. To get the result of your attached image, simply edit in the Inspector, the letter C instead of B - image below. Then, the tip is to drop this new symbol in your palette for reuse.


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Times New Roman has a normal vertical strike-through C for a partial barre. Edwin does not.
Here's a palette with 4 barres for fret 7, both full and partial, and Roman and Arabic. Line style is dashed, which is also more common for barres. Change fret number in the Inspector.


BTW The glyph we are using for the partial barre is the cedi sign:

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You had originally notated a C major chord and instead of changing the barre to VIII (I had assumed the notes were entered correctly) you have instead changed the notes in your image to now be in agreement with the VII. ;-)

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