Slow Down and Speed Up

• Mar 3, 2021 - 20:39

I can't find a way to slow down or speed up the tempo. For example, I want to use Ritardando and A Tempo to slow down and then return to the original tempo. I haven't found a way to do this. If there is a way, please let me know how to do this.

Thank you for this application.


The way to do this is with tempo text, using multiple texts (invisible if desired) to produce the effect of gradual changes. There is a fantastic plugin "Tempo Changes" you can install by going to the Downloads menu above, this will then automate the process very nicely.

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What would be even easier to use would be to have the palette text rit. actually do something like dynamics do. Rit. would slow down the bpm a set default amount over a few beats. The amount could be defined in the Inspector. Same with accel.
Example: default ritardando slows down bpm by 10 over 4 beats. The Inspector could be used to change this if needed. Accelerando might speed bpm by 10. Or as adjusted in the inspector.
That way all the is needed to be added in the score would be rit. to slow down, then accel. to go back to the OE tempo.
The plugin works. But is a little awkward and messy if the score is opened in other software.

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That technically already exists. Fermutas let you define an arbitrary "time stretch" value which applies a percentage modifier to the current tempo until the next event. That's my preferred way of handling tempo changes- invisible fermutas overtop anywhere where I decided to add playback nuance.

Is this something that may be addressed in Musescore 4? Appreciate there is a plugin and work arounds but I think having gradual tempo changes as a more elegant in-built feature would be a nice addition as Musescore seems to moving towards a better interface and richer playback experience. Also, working with students any plugins/workaround immediately adds a barrier. Thanks.

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