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• Mar 3, 2021 - 11:49

I created a test score with two violins and a cello. Then I loaded three instruments in Zerberus – violin-staccato, violin-sustain, cello-sustain. I select those in mixer and each instruments just plays consecutively four notes – staccato, sustain then cello. Everything plays back just fine inside of MS. But when I export it in wav or mp3 format, everything is screwed up. First goes violin-sustain, then violin-staccato and the cello plays just the last note. What a mess!
My guess is that when MS is exporting the score, it takes instruments from some other list of instruments that I actually removed before from Zerberus view.
I wonder if this problem can be rectified somehow. Or it's just my computer again?

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On top of this bug there is another bad bug. I opened a score I created yesterday with saved to the score instruments. (I previously already got an advice about this problem from somebody) Instruments didn't show up and I loaded them from the score. They loaded but still all instruments selected for Zerberus in this score are wrong. So I have to select instruments for all my scores manually again. What is this? Why I save instrument to the score and when I load them I get all screwed up? And I have lots scores like that.

I guess I'm not understanding the original question. Why would the OP load only the staccato instrument and then write whole notes for it. Even with a sustain instrument loaded, Musescore will properly playback (and export) a staccato marked note. I thought I saw somewhere that MuseScore doesn't always work with all instruments in FSZs. But maybe that was an older version.
Can you load just the tremolo instrument and expect playback and export of an undefined whole note to work. In a score, you would normally mark notes tremolo, or staccato, or pizz, or arco. MuseScore switches to the proper instrument for that section of the music.

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The gist of the problem is this – I load several sound fonts (.sfz) in Zerberus and assign them to instruments in my score. The playback is correct, but when I export the score to audio - different instruments (I think from current default set) are playing. Only when I delete the current default set of instruments and save a new one as a new default set then correct sounds are exported. Sorry, I don't know how else I can explain this. I'll try to get clear steps to recreate the problem tomorrow.

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" I load several sound fonts (.sfz) in Zerberus and assign them to instruments in my score. The playback is correct, but when I export the score to audio - different instruments (I think from current default set) are playing. Only when I delete the current default set of instruments and save a new one as a new default set then correct sounds are exported."

I'm trying to replicate this. I don't know what fontd you are using.
I load several sound fonts (.sfz) in Zerberus"
Do you mean several instruments or several complete orchestra font collections? I.E. all of Virtual Playing Orchestra as opposed to just a few individual instruments. Also, why would you assign a staccato instrument to any staff in a score?
I just tried this with a clean instillation of MuseScore and your score. Both with with just the three instruments loaded and with the entire orchestra font loaded. Playback and export were the same.
What am I missing?

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I loaded several instruments from Virtual Playing Orchestra 3 (1st-violin-SOLO-accent.sfz, 1st-violin-SOLO-sustain.sfz, 1st-violin-SOLO-accent.sfz, 1st-violin-SOLO-staccato.sfz viola-SOLO-sustain.sfz cello-SOLO-sustain.sfz).
I don't know what you have against 1st-violin-SOLO-staccato.sfz, I used it in the score that has intro with staccato violin. And it helped me to catch the bug, because instead of staccato violin and cello in the exported audio 1st-violin-SOLO-accent.sfz played, though correct instruments were displayed in the mixer. 1st-violin-SOLO-accent.sfz was not even saved in the score, but was present in Zerberus list.
I couldn't get it right until I closed all other tabs and saved required instruments as default. And now I have a trouble reproducing the bug.

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I have nothing against a staccato sfz. I just would never assign it to a staff. Why? Well, I can understand using it for playback. But in a printed score for real players to use, you have to rely on notation. And playback will follow. I'm not hearing much difference between the staccato font and MuseScore's staccato.
Anyway in several try's I can't get an improper export.

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I saw several times Musescore team mantra, that Musescore is a notation editor, not a player. I don't create scores for other players to perform, I create them to produce audio. So, I have to create a score and then to move it awkwardly to DAW, make it work, listen it and export to audio there? That's just stupid from my point of view. Why then I need Musescore?
The problem is that I invested lots of time in creating scores using Musescore, which recently sneakily changed them, screwing them up and introducing bugs that hard to catch, because they are not stable. (I know they are not bugs, because only I find them).

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Well, if you follow the trheads on the planning for MsueScore 4, you'll see that things will be moving in a more performancee-oriented direction.

As for recent changes, not sure what you mean, there was nothing done sneakily, everything about MuseScore development is open source, and the many major improvements are documented here on this site. Of course, as with any software update, it is possible some new bugs have been introduced inadvertently. We try to fix these as they are reporte.d So, if you feel you have encountered one, simply start a new thread, attach your score and precise steps to reproduce the problem, and we can investigate.

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When I open files that I created a couple of updates before, they are immediately marked as changed, though I didn't do anything. Maybe scores get "adjusted" for a newer version I don't know – it doesn't say anything, so I call it "sneaky", and I see that all my instruments get messed up after that. I can't go and check your open source code to see what's going, that' a hilarious suggestion. I'd rather work with music than with the code.
While I worked with this problem I found a number of other bugs, but what the point to report them if you cannot find them.

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When you open an older score, you are asked about updating style settings. It is the choice you make in that dialog that you are being asked to save, nothing else. So if you elect to keep old style, it's harmless to exit without saving, except of course now MuseScore has no way to remember you made that choice, so it will ask again next time. If you just go ahead and save, a flag is set recording your preference for that score, so you won't be asked again.

No idea what you mean about instruments being messed up, though, as I said, in order to investigate a problem, we would need you to start a new thread, attach your score, and give precise steps to reproduce the problem. If you do that, we can investigate; no idea what you mean when you say we cannot find them. If you give us the information we need to reproduce the bug, then we can take it from there. but we do need that information.

Also no idea what you mean about checking the source - I don't recall anyone suggesting such a thing. Certainly not me. I was merely pointing out that we are very open about the changes we make and why, through our posts right here on the forums, our comments in the issue tracker, the release notes for each new update, etc. No "sneaky" changes are made, I can assure you!

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I am trying to help you with your export problem. I have spent several hours on it. But you haven't given us much to go on. We don't know which version of what OS. We don't know which font. I guessed VPO, but who knows. We don't know what order you loaded what fonts into what score. Did you prepare the font properly before putting it into MuseScore? ( VPO, for example, is two downloads that must be combined a certain way) We don't know what modifications you have made to MuseScore. We don't know what other software you have running at the same time. How many browser tabs are open. When the last time you restarted your computer was. Or your specs. All of which can affect how MuseScore works.

I spent hours preparing a computer that has never had MS, downloading fonts and loading them several different ways, trying to replicate your problem with the score you provided. For me, it just works every time.
Marc keeps asking you for specifics so that he can help. Otherwise it's just some problem on your end.

Just hit the save button and be done with it.

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I'm not sure whether that "smart" comment was aimed at me or not; but I was replying to the "it doesn't say anything, so I call it sneaky" remark. It is just a factually wrong statement, and my reply was intended to show you why.
It doesn't claim to have notions of usability, nor pretends to do so; it is simply pointing out that the grounds you used for calling the change sneaky are simply not correct; without doing injustice to the fact that you experienced it as such and it is unclear that when you select "keep all the old stuff" would result in a change.

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I suppose it could be he previously checked the button to not ask again and then forgot that was ever a thing, which itself would have been a sneaky thing to do :-).

But yeah, we do make this quite explicit, nothing sneaky about it. I suppose, though, if one checks the option to not ask again, we could also figure out how to tweak the score state so the score doesn't appear dirty.

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