Too little spacing where upwards and downwards stems meet

• Mar 2, 2021 - 23:28

I think there should be more space between the last 16th on beat 2 and the note on beat 3. Score attached.
2021-03-03 00_29_02-MuseScore 3_ ind_.png

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Agreed, that doesn't look good. It will open happen that way in relatively crowded settings, but still, probably the defaults could be improved. meanwhile, I would recommend increasing the "Minimum note distance" in Format / Style / Measure, and then perhaps decreasing the "Spacing" to compensate.

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Yes, and actually, I should say - you'll actually get better spacing overall that way. That is, a very small (even 0.0) minimum note distance, with breaks placed manually to prevent things from being as crowded as that would otherwise mean - will give more even spacing from measure to measure within a system, even for the same exact same number of measures on a system, than having larger minimum note distance. That's just due to quirks in how the spacing algorithm works, Surprised me when I realized this not too long ago. Anyhow, we're hoping to revamp some of these algorithms for MuseScore 4.

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