Select items by colour

• Mar 1, 2021 - 22:15

Not by voice, but by the colour selected in the element group in the inspector.

Could be selected using the HTML colour ID.

Would this be complicated and time consuming to add? Obviously it wouldn't be used much except by me :]


+1 Yes please, this would be very useful. I use a lot of colour in my TABs and I have frequently needed to be able to select by colour, sometimes notes and sometimes other elements.

If you are on Windows you could be interested in Post 5 on
These are AutoHotkey macros specialising in Color Search and Select.
Post 1 includes the pdf documentation. Here pages 34-37 are relevant as well as pages 57-59.
Color Search and Select is one of the biggest time savers to me.

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Absolutely. In Post 16 'Independent Hotkeys' I give examples of non MuseScore cases.
Managing (MuseScore) windows is another strong point in AutoHotkey.
This is applied in the Automation of the MuseScore Mixer which I will publish shortly on the same forum page.

+1. Esp. when transcribing, I mark things I'm unsure about as hot pink, so I remember to go back to them later so I don't miss them visually.
A dedicated annotation system would of course be even nicer, esp. for collaboration, but selecting by color would improve my hacky workflow, too. ;)
I'll have to check out jeetees plugin later.

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That's not hacky at all. Fluorescent 'Marker Pen' highlighting would be very handy and a full annotation system would even better. (I wonder if we're just members of the same "hacky workflow" club).

Jeetee's plugin is neat and I'm going to add it to my TAB Tools plugin for some voice specific colour selecting/applying.

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