Export midi results in Gunshot sound....

• Oct 24, 2009 - 20:30
S4 - Minor

So, I have this .mid file that I created with Steinberg Cubase AI 4.5.2, and, if I play it with Windows Media Player on my Windows 7 RC 32-bit, the sound is a normal piano tone.
However, if I import it into MuseScore, and even make no adjustments, just export it from MuseScore as .mid and try to play it, the sound tone is that of Gunshots.
Still there is a distance

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I have noticed some difference in the playing of tones regarding the original .mid file. If I play it with the stable 0.9.5, the piano tone is normal. If I play it with Nightly 2249, the piano tone has a long sustain or something. It just sounds very different. Is this supposed to happen or is it some setting that I did wrong?

maybe it's a fault with the original .mid file because it was created with Cubase. I think that could be the only culprit of this, but then again, how do I fix it? in MuseScore also, I only have an excessively long list of the BrightPiano SoundFont, matter which I can not also explain. I have no other SoundFont installed..........

Thanks for the help, and, David, I think I am being as clear as I can in all my bug reports. Of course, in some cases I haven't had enough knowledge of the root cause, I only saw the manifestation of the bug.

With a General MIDI SoundFont installed the piece sounds like Gunshots even in MuseScore. My guess is it is a problem with MIDI import.

As a workaround you can change the sound to the first "BrightPiano". A proper General MIDI SoundFont shows the actual names for each instrument.

P.S. Thanks for the report. This one is much better!

you know what, I think there's some kind of incompatibility between the Steinberg Cubase AI 4.5.2 way of exporting .mids and MuseScore, because all the 20+ .mid SATB fiels that I have from Cubase behave the same like this one does.
Still, if I play them back in MuseScore, they sound like normal Piano. But if I export them and play them with Media Player, I get the gunshot tone.
I never got the gunshot tone in MuseScore though.
I now selected the first BrightPiano button for all the four tracks, and now the .mid plays fine in Windows Media Player.
Could you edit that endless list of BrightPiano soundfonts in MuseScore so that they would have relevant names?
That would help a lot!!!!!!

thanks for the zoom in and zoom out buttons in the Display drop-down menu. When I suggested that to you, I was thinking of - and + buttons near the percentage zoom drop-down list. Wouldn't that be more efficient and time saving? Just 1 click as opposed to 2?
Most software that need zooming in and out do this, so why not MuseScore? could you move the buttons from the Display drop-down next to the zoom percentage list?