Remember the last Transpose setting

• Feb 28, 2021 - 14:14

Hi there,

sometimes I need that TRANSPOSE remember the last setting. I'm transposing piano exercises by half tone up but every time I recall Transpose, it's always set by default to UP- Perfect unison, or C major, or Up second. Is there a way to remember the last TRANSPOSE setting? Thank you



Not currently, but it's been requested before and being considered.

Note that for transposing up a half step, the simply pressing the Up cursor key does the job, you'd just need to add the key signature. There is also a "Transpose up" command that actually does the full transpose by half step with key signature, you just need to define a shortcut for it in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts. There used to be a shortcut by default, but too many were hitting it accidentally and getting confused why their scores kept transposiing!

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