Visibility checkboxes for Staff: 1 and Staff: 2 of a "Classical Guitar + Tab" instrument

• Feb 28, 2021 - 02:31

I often score with a Guitar instrument configuration of an 8bv treble clef staff and a linked tablature staff.

     Instrument dialog Visibility checkboxes.png

Generally I can fit four to five such systems per page while editing and have a comfortable working environment.

However, when it’s time to share or print the score I often want to:

    a) easily hide tablature the tablature staff so I can fit 8 treble clef systems per page


    b) easily hide the treble clef so I can fit 8 tablature systems per page

I considered generating Parts, but the treble clef and the linked tablature clef seem inextricable (i.e. they are not Part-able.) And even so, if I could get that to work, it looks like I’d have to reenter all the line breaks, spacing, etc. which is a deterrent from using Parts. Additionally there are sync bugs with tablature and parts.

So I optimistically opened the Instrument window where MuseScore offers a Visible checkbox for various instruments.

Indeed MuseScore shows a checkbox for the Guitar instrument, meaning I can show/hide the entire instrument and ALL of its staves. But the dialog shows no checkboxes for Staff: 1 and Staff: 2 — which is exactly what I need.

Perhaps code already exists beneath the surface for the described show/hide functionality .... but there’s simply no checkboxes on individual staves in the dialog's UI.

If there’s presently no foundation for this functionality (checking the visibility of Staff: 1 and Staff: 2) please consider it a request.




In MuseScore 4 we gained the option to show/hide any staff in an instrument. The attached image displays the show/hide controls for a Guitar instrument that has a linked tablature staff, with the tablature staff unchecked. (It's possible to check the tablature and uncheck the 8vb treble staff.)

Is there a way implement the staff show/hide options MuseScore 3.7 ... or backport it from MuseScore 4 to MuseScore 3.7?

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This is how I do it in MS 3.6.2:

Open your original linked score 'xxxx' and press "I" (capital i) to open the Instruments dialogue box. Highlight the linked standard stave and select "remove from score", then export what's left as a pdf with a new name, e.g. 'xxxx-tab'. Then use Undo to restore the linked score. Use the same method to export a staff-only pdf as 'xxxx-staff'. Just be careful with your naming, i.e don't overwrite your original 'master' linked score.

It may not be quite as quick and slick as you want but using keyboard shortcuts it doesn’t take long. MS4’s method is better but for various reasons I’m staying with MS3 for now.

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