"Stems through" tablature property disabled

• Feb 27, 2021 - 20:06

In Advanced Staff Properties with "Shown as: Stems and Beams" selected I believe MuseScore should enable the "Through staff" stem option. However here on MacOS with MuseScore 3.6.2 it remains disabled.

The User Guide states

Stem style:

Beside staff: Stems are drawn as fixed height lines above/below the staff.
Through staff: Stems run through the staff to reach the fret marks.
Note: This option is only available when "Shown as: Stems and Beams" is selected (see above).

New score>Solo> Guitar + Tablature
Add some notes
Right click the tab staff
Click into Advanced Style Properties>Note Values
Stems and Beams is selected by default
And to my surprise Stem Style>"Through staff" is disabled.

Is there some additional setting that needs to be set to enable "Through staff"



"New score>Solo> Guitar + Tablature"

Sure ? It seems you made a new confusion. The template "Guitar + Tablature" is shown as the "Simple" staff type. You can check this in the Instruments dialog ("I")
So: 1) Stems and Beams are not selected by default (default is "None") and 2) so "Through staff" is disabled.
Please retry by recharging this template via the Wizard.

Marc wrote >> it seems it's incompatible with the option to draw short stems for half notes.

Correct. Good eye!

There are lots of properties dependencies that disable various options. Sorry I failed to report that I had Half Note>"Short stems" selected, which disables "Through Staff." I relied too heavily on single warning in the User Guide that.

Perhaps mysteriously disabled UI elements could show a tooltip when hovered.

In this case it could read:

     "This option is disable if you've selected: Half notes: "As short stem"

When Stem Style Through staff is selected, when hovering Half notes: "As short stem" MuseScore would show a tooltip:

     "This option is disable if you've selected: Stem Style: "Through Staff".

Addtionally the statement is "This option is only available when "Shown as: Stems and Beams" is selected."

   a) is incorrect: "Through staff" is enabled when I select "Note symbols"

— or —

   b) MuseScore fails to disable "Through staff" when the user selects "Note symbols"


In reply to by Marc Sabatella

in my opinion the best solution would be a "real full tablature" writing half notes with a circle round the numbers with stems and the whole notes with circles without stems( there are some printed guitar books with that). I like the idea of having the tabs as close to standard notation as possible for those who only play from tabs ( and if its only for not to use too much paper or to have to change pages too often).

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