'export to you tube' feature changes virtual instrument... (ms 3.6.2)

• Feb 27, 2021 - 14:18

i have written a guitar score using musescore 3.6. (not 3.6.2) and a custom sound font.
i uploaded it in my ms account using the 'save on line' feature' and 'upload score audio' feature
here's the link: https://musescore.com/user/840531/scores/6635536/s/Y_g136?share=copy_li…
so far so good...
i then sent it to you tube and i got a glockenspiel (?) sound instead of my guitar v.i. ...
here's the link: https://youtu.be/YtxVMxeqtHM

is this a bug ? or is it the way i used my custom sound font? same process worked just fine for past videos...
thanx forum!


That score seems to have a piano part, sound changed to Guitar, I guess (can't verify though, download is blocked), why not using a Guitar staff from the start?

"Send to youtube" is a musescore.com feature, so problems with that need to get reported there, not here on musescore.org

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Sounds like Glockenspiel when I download it, Mixer shows Grand Piano though, I don't have your soundfont though.
I guess whatever font you used it is not GM compatible?
Instruments dialog and staff properties indeed show Piano, as I suspected.

      <Instrument id="piano">
          <controller ctrl="0" value="0"/>
          <controller ctrl="32" value="1"/>
          <program value="10"/>
          <controller ctrl="93" value="47"/>
          <controller ctrl="91" value="45"/>

"Program value 10" indeed is Glockenspiel in GM

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still, since it is well handled from musescore to musescore.com,
could it be that musescore.com does not support custom sound fonts at all?
or you reckon the send to you tube feature only supports GM compatible fonts?
(i still have no answer from their support group)

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i used a Gm compatible soundfont from the ones ms suggests and chose a distorted gtr sound just to make sure the test is 'more audible' . here are the results:
and when 'youtubed'
even if this is the custom sound font i used it really does not matter anymore. its so compressed that using it offers no amelioration of the sound whatsoever... : (

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