Update sticking to work more like lyrics (allow for multiple line of sticking)

• Feb 26, 2021 - 08:33

When I write drumline music, I would write alternative sticking for the same music, it is a common practice among drumline music. However the new sticking text is lacking support for multiple stickings like in different verses in lyrics. I would like to suggest sticking should have the editing finesse like lyrics. Musescore 3.6 assume that there is only one sticking per note, therefore all have the same baseline and don't differentiate one set of sticking from the other, like first verse, second verse in lyrics.

P.S. I prefer using sticking instead of lyrics in drumline music because it take precedent (i.e. closer to note) over the dynamics and other element. Using lyrics to input sticking would result in dynamics on top of sticking, which is undesirable behaviour.

P.P.S. I would also like to suggest shortcut for L R l r D d to enter sticking quickly when in editing sticking (ie typing one letter).

Annotation for images:
Lyrics - using lyrics for sticking, great alignment , but dynamics on top of lyrics by default
Sticking - using sticking for sticking, dynamics in the right place, but poor alignment on supposed second line of sticking as it default to have same baseline for all stickings.

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Actually, there is support for multiple stickings, just not when using Space to navigate. But you can enter a second sticking manually from the menu. Or you can add a line, select it and cut, then add another line, then go back and paste the original line. It's not necessarily obvious but works quite well. Someday, independent "verse" support would be nice as well, though.

Alignment you can control in the Inspector.

Can you explain the shortcuts you are requesting? Isn't "L" already only a shortcut? Just type the letters you want.

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Yes you can enter multiple sticking, but it is not good, because (a) you cannot just enter just the second sticking if there is nothing on the first sticking (like the example in sticking screenshot of the original) and (b) if you type ellipses in your sticking for both first and second line of sticking, they will bunch together because there are not considered as full height character and tried to put them as close as possible.

Yes, you make it all nice and well if you spend time manually aligned all of them, but, my point is, if you can have all the alignment finesse in lyrics, why can't it be on sticking? This is what I want it as a feature request. Make sticking works like lyrics in Musescore.

The shortcut I was requesting, since most sticking is only one letter long, I would suggest hitting one letter in the sticking mode would type the character and move to the next note automatically. (I know this is a rather small thing, but it is a QoL improvement and save a lot of time typing all of the sticking)

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Understood. I didn't get that empty stickings or ellipses were a thing.

As for having eliminating the space for sticking so it moves on, interesting idea. It's been suggested for fingering and I think not a popular idea because there are many uses for that feature that are not limited to single characters. But probably not so for sticking.

I encourage you to submit individual Suggestions for these improvements to the issue tracker!

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