LH guitar fingerings MS latest version 3.6.2.x

• Feb 23, 2021 - 17:30

LH Fingerings of notes above and below the staff are too close to ledger lines and thus impede reading.


I don't think there have been any changes recently to position, but there was a slight change to scaling if the staff is a non-standard size. Can you attach the specific score you are having trouble with and describe the issue in more detail?

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I had to recreate the first 24 measures for you as I had already moved the fingerings in my completed score. I use the same style file for all of my scores but it only formats headers and footers as you see in this attached score. I have not altered the default ledger lines or stems, note heads etc.. At least not knowingly. Notice how close the LH fingerings are to the notes above and below the staff. This issue began after I installed the latest version of revision 3224f34.
Thank you

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Indeed, your ledger lines are unusually long, the default fingering position is designed to work with the default ledger line line only. So either reset your ledger lines to the default (or something smaller, anyhow - the default is 0.35 sp and yours are 0.60 sp). or else increase the X offset for LH guitar finger. The former setting is in Format / Style / Notes, the latter in Format / Style / Text Styles / LH Guitar Fingering.

My guess is you had customized this at a time when there was a bug causing custom ledger line lengths to be misinterpreted, and this resulted in you entering a value far larger than you actually should have to get the result you wanted. That bug has been fixed, but it does mean the bad value you entered previously now actually looks bad, as it should have all along. There is a blurb about this in the release note I believe. Anyhow, just reset the ledger line length and all should be well.

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