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• Feb 23, 2021 - 17:26

Hi all. My question has more to do with scoring in general than MuseScore in particular. Attached is a work in progress (I know some of the timing isn't right just yet) for the Everly Brothers song Let It Be Me. The structure of this song is:

Full verse (through measure 18)
Chorus (measures 19 - 34)
1/2 Verse (measures 1-9)
Chorus (measures 19 - 35)
1/2 Verse (measures 1-10)

I have tried to figure out the repeats as shown in the score and they seem to work OK except on the third run through the verse the playback doesn't stop at the Fine. It just plows on past and keeps going. I would appreciate any advice on how to handle this correctly.


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Why it doesn't work:
A) After a jump, by default the "last" repeat is used, in your case you only have a simple single end repeat in m34; so the "last" repeat is evaluated as repeat 2.
As a consequence of that after your "D.C. al Fine" instruction throws you back into the 2nd repeat and a 3rd volta will thus be skipped. That volta "hides" the Fine and it can't be found.
B) With regards to m34; you have both an end repeat barline in there as well as a "D.C.". Standard playback in this case calls for the D.C. to be honored; the normal repeat is never used.
Just removing that D.C. results in the same playback order.

Now keeping in mind that jumps are only executed on the "last" playback of a measure, I think you can simplify this down quite a lot and do away with all of the voltas.

See the attached example, where playback is evaluated as follows:
1-32 (the D.S. in m8 is not honored, as we're only on the first of the two repeats)
1-8 (2nd repeat, which is the last: the D.S. is honored)
17-32 ("last" repeat after the D.S. jump results in the (hidden) D.C. al Fine being honored).
1-8 (D.C. al Fine)

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