Text layout problem

• Feb 23, 2021 - 15:19

I may have asked this question before, I can't really remember. But please forgive me if that indeed is the case :)

I'm helping the person teaching our online four-part harmony course create musescore assignments for the students. The idea is to write the melody for the whole example in a template file, and then in that same file, the students should fill in the chords. To make it a little easier, we give them the first chord of each example. Instead of using numerals for the chords intended, we type letters below the bottom staff ('T' for the tonic, 'D' for the dominant, 'Dp' for the parallel to the dominant etc). When the students download and open the file on whatever system they are using, they should see a document that looks like the pdf I have attached. But instead, they get a file where the letters are in a mess between the two staves. I have tried a number of different text types for the letters, but although it looks right on my computer, the file submitted by the student looks completely different. It seems to me I must be missing something here. Please help! :)

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There isn't much we can tell from pictures, we'd need you to attach your actual score and precise steps to reproduce the problem. Could be and the student are using vastly different versions of the program, or they are trying to view on a mobile device, and most likely also the way you are positioning the letters is "fragile", depending too much on manual adjustments and the particularly of one's page or screen size rather than relying on style settings that would be automatically adapt to different layouts. Seeing the actual score would help us understand all this.

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