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• Feb 22, 2021 - 02:32

I have a score in MuseScore 3.6.2 with Soprano/Alto, Tenor/Bass, and Piano parts. When selecting File-Parts and All Parts, it shows "Midi_53, Midi_53, and Midi_2 in both top and bottom frames. I can change the name under part title, but it does not change in the Instruments in Score list box below. This seemed to work fine in older versions. What am I doing wrong. File attached. Also, I am trying to practice the bass part by using the mixer at a higher volume but don't know how I can lower the volume of the tenor part. Thanks,

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You can set the names of the parts in Staff/Part Properties, you might want to do that first.

To set the volume of the two voices on the staff, though, you need to change the instruments used, to "Women" and "Men". This gives you two subchannels for each instrument. Then if you add the S/A and T/B texts from the palette, you'll find the voices are automatically assigned to those subchannels. And then you can control them independently.

Except, the tenor and bass don't use independent voices consistently, lots of places where they are combined into one voice. So you'll need to separate them out first.

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Thank you Mark for the prompt reply. I thought you set the the part names in File, Parts. Looks like changing the names of the parts in Staff/Part Properties does change the names in Edit, Instruments too. I see that it also makes separate tabs for Women, Men, and Piano parts. I'm not sure what you mean by "add the S/A and T/B texts from the palette". Using the Mixer with the whole score provides volume controls for the three parts.

Regarding the tenor and bass parts, I have in the past copied the tenor/bass part into a new part and then manually went through and deleted those notes that were specific to tenor. Is there an easer way to do this?

Thanks for your help, I really enjoy this software!

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There are several different names involved here. Most are set in Staff/Part Properties, but the name that appears on the part itself is set in File / Parts. It's still not really clear exactly what you are trying to do here - which name you want to change and why. But to me, the most obvious change to want to make is the instrument name, since the current ones are pretty meaningless, and those instruments don't support multiple subchannels anyhow.

What I mean by "add the S/A and T/B texts from the palette" is to go to the Text palette and add the text labeled "S/A" to the top staff and the text labeled "T/B" to the bottom, This sets up the appropriate assignment of voices to subchannels.

To split a part written in chords to multiple voices, one more automatic way is to use Tools / Explode to split onto separate staves first, then Tools / Implode to recombine them onto one staff, which does so using multiple voices. But you'll probable need to run that in sections as it may not do what you expect in places that are already split into voices. There are also plugins that might help. Or, to do things manually, no need for copy/paste, just select any note(s) you want to move then press the corresponding voice button.

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Thank you for the response! I think I have done the naming steps you suggested (see attached). The end result I am trying to achieve is to identify and then play the part of one voice with the accompaniment so that an individual in a choir can listen to and practice their part. If all 4 parts (SATB) are on separate staves, that is easy to do with the mixer, setting one, bass part for example, much louder than the others. The step I'm trying to get easier is taking a scanned S/A T/B song and getting the voices separated into separate staves. It seems from what you are saying, that in order to create a separate tenor and bass part for example. I need to first add a blank stave below the TB stave, select and copy the measures that only have one part, then explode those measures that have cords (both parts). Does that make sense? Thank you so much for your help!

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A communication issue here is that I am not sure we mean the same thing when we use the word "part".
The normal use of this is, a separate page for each instrument in a score, so the tenor is seeing only the tenor notes and nothing else, the piano sees only the piano notes and notes else, etc. Is that what you are trying to do? If not, File / Parts should not be involved. It sounds like maybe you just want to keep the score as is - or at most, separate tenor and bass onto different staves within the same score - but hear the tenor and bass at different volume levels. Either way, first step is to go ahead and add the bass staff, then explode so tenor and bass are separate staves. Then you can either implode or not, depending on whether you want to get them back onto one staff. Either way, the key is that tenor and bass are now consistently either different voices or different staves, never combined into a single chord of a single voice on a single staff.

Once you're there, the mixer works to give you independent control, assuming you are using the Women / Men instruments and have added the texts.

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Thanks Mark. Yes, I was mistakenly assuming "part", "voice", and "bass" for example, was referring to the same thing. I do not need a separate page. Yes, separate staves within the same score and using "Explode" seems to work. The Tenor stave looks good. The bass stave only has notes where there are cords. I will need to copy those measures where tenor and bass share the same note into the bass stave. Thank you for your help. If there ever is a plugin that does this I would be most interested. Thanks again!

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