I have gunshot sound when midi playback instead of piano or voices

• Oct 24, 2009 - 09:31
S5 - Suggestion

So, I got this .mid file that I made with Steinberg Cubase AI 4.5.2 and I imported it into MuseScore. I worked on it all day long, and, when I exported it to a midi file again and played it back, all the 4 satb voices play in gunshots!!!!!!!
It is extremely halarious, but in the same time, I hope I don't have to redo the whole score again............ could you guys advise me how to edit this thing and have the .mid file play a piano or voice when played back with media player instead of gunshots? other .mid file that I have exported with MuseScore play just fine, but this one seems rather special..........



It's better to post 'support request" on the forum and bug reports on the issue tracker.
Regarding your problem, try to select the right instrument in the Display->Mixer before exporting to MIDI