Leland and Leland Text within a text field with keyboard

• Feb 18, 2021 - 21:40

I'm trying to write some of the Leland and Leland Text glyphs within a text field.
I got some of them to work trying out some key combinations, but I can't find the ones I need.
I'm working on a Mac, and I installed both fonts to see all the glyphs in Font Book, but I don't know how to use them all.
Is there a keyboard map for Leland and Leland Text?
And another question:
Is it safe to install these fonts? I ask mostly because I'm not sure if there might be some duplicate issues with MS. I just disabled them for now, so only the ones within the bundle are the ones working.


Leland doesn't make sense to use in text; it's not set up for that. Leland Text does. The character map is as per the SMuFL standard. Most of the symbols aren't mapped to keys you can type, but all the symbols should be given to you in the Special Characters dialog (press F2 while editing text to display). That won't happen when using these fonts in other program of course, but hopefully a web search on SMuFL will give you what you need.

As for installing the fonts, I don't really recommend it, as this invites mismatches in version between what is installed and what MuseScore expects. As long as you promise to keep them in sync, you should be OK, but it's easy to forget, and get to situations where MuseScore depends on a particular version but yours is older or newer and glitches occur.

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