Incorrect measure numbers appear when I make changes to score

• Feb 18, 2021 - 20:17

Hello, I am running 3.6.2 on a mac. My score has a lot of short songs in it (frequent section breaks). When I open the score the measure numbers are as they should be. When I alter anything in a song (for example: delete a bowing or change a 'd' to an 'e') incorrect measure numbers suddenly appear at the beginning of the each line for that song. By incorrect, I mean they seem to begin counting from somewhere before the most recent section break (measure 1 will be '10', measure 8 will then be 17 etc). This seems to happen regardless of the change, how I make the change (mouse or keyboard) and regardless of the song/location in the score.
If I save, close and reopen the file the incorrect measure numbers are no longer present, they reset to the correct ones. With that option available the bug is not too much of a problem but I thought it would be useful to mention. Upon searching I found a similar report from two years back, but the issue had already been closed.

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Seems this is a bug that occurs if there are frames between the section break and the next section. It doesn't happen if the break is on the last frame instead of (or in addition to) the measure before the frame. So, that's the workaround I'd suggest.

I think the specific cause of the bug report from a couple of years was different - not related to frames. It appears the particular issue relating to frames is more connected to a series of bugs I fixed quite recently - see - but somehow I must have broken this case, which is unfortunate and annoying :-(

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