Articulation palette: Tenuto

• Feb 16, 2021 - 14:14

The TENUTO symbol affects the playback?

how does it work "Time stretch" in the inspector (see image uploaded)

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Time stretch is for fermatas - it literally means the time slows down. Tenuto markings don't do that, they just change the length of that note. Most instruments already play notes to the full length by default, but for others a tenuto marking mar indeed lengthen it. You can also customize the duration using the piano roll editor (right click the staff to display) or using one of the various plugins designed for articulation control (see Plugins in the Download menu above).

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So if I understand correctly; see attached image:
1) The part inside the rectangle contains the symbols that have an impact only from the point of view of the notation but do not change anything from the point of view of playback
2) the part in the circle represents what I can edit for real articulation in the playback

it's correct?

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