Key Shortcut for Select-More-Same-Staff-Same-System?

• Feb 16, 2021 - 00:37

I often use the function Select >> More...->> {Same Subtype} + {Same Staff} + {Same System}.

I know in Preferences >>Shortcuts there is the option "Select all similar elements with more options", but I still end up needing to either grab the mouse or press tab a bunch of time to complete my selection per the above.
Is there a way to create this "compound function" in a single keypress?



No. But depending on what you are trying to do, specifically, there are probably easier ways of achieving the end result (eg, clicking one element, shift+clicking another to select all similar within that range, or if the goal is to align certain elements by system, take advantage of MuseScore's ability to do that automatically. So if you attach a sample score and desc irbe what you are trying to do, we can probably save you ever more time than that.

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