Chord symbols are messed up in 3.6

• Feb 15, 2021 - 17:09

I created this score in 3.5 and it was fine, when I load in 3.6 the chord symbols are boogered up. I am using the Jazz style for chord symbols in both versions. Here is a screenshot of the PDF of the original version, and here is a snap of what it looks like now inside of MuseScore... even 7's are turned into WTF's. and I'm uploading the score too. Please help, I wanted to put this on but not if it is going to look like this! Thank you!


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I'm not sure what you mean, are you referring to the different font being used for the first couple of lyrics? That's not a bug as far as I can tell, the score itself calls for the font change for some reason. On my system it's still aligned OK, with the font my system chooses to substitute (I don't have the font the score actually calls for). OIn your system it might look different because we have different fonts installed.

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Thanks for the tip to change the style then change it back. That fixed it. Weirdly, the synalephe are all fine on my computer, (MacBook). This is not happening on all my scores. I'm thinking this one is not one I made 100% from scratch that may be why.

This score doens't actually use the jazz style, not exactly - it uses a custom style. Or it did at one time, now it's kind of a weird hybrid. That's an extremely old bug finally fixed in 3.6.2, along with the new bug that caused such files to display incorrectly :-)

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My system hasn't nagged me to get 3.6.2 yet. I'm still on I generally wait until it nags me to update. A lot of these scores start out as xml files from God knows where, and I can only know what I see. Is there some tweak one can do to purify them, or will they automatically be purified when 3.6.2 comes out. I'm thinking of hiring a student to patch up all my charts, make them uniform & consistent etc or if there's any way to automate that task with a program I would love that. Set all the fonts, styles, sizes, etc. the same??? This is not one of my super old scores. It was made with Musescore 3.5 some time in 2020.

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Nag or not, best to update, just download directly from this site (see Download link above).

3.6.2 is already out, and the score will indeed be fixed the moment you download it and load the score into it.

It's pretty easy to unify a bunch of scores as far as the basic style settings go. Set up one the way you want, then use Format / Save Style to create an MSS file you can then load just as easily into other scores. But, there might be other customizations that need work.

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