Some Instruments Not Exporting in Full Score Audio

• Feb 14, 2021 - 01:35

When I export my orchestral score as one mp3 audio file, checking simply the Full Score box as my export option, the timpani and glockenspiel do not export in the recording with the rest of the instruments; the only way to get them is to export their individual parts as a separate audio file. i'm assuming that this is a bug, but it might also be something that I'm doing wrong.

I tried to upload the audio file, but it says it was too big.


You're probably doing something wrong.

You may want to verify the sound mixer to be having no mute activations prior to exporting. Otherwise, if you upload the score's .mscx/mscz file in this forum, someone might attempt to assist you with your problems or verify an export failure.

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I am a little confused about which one I am using since the mixer does not show where one soundfont's sounds end and another's begin, but it is the expressive version of each instrument, belonging to the Sonatina Symphony Orchestra soundfont or the Aegean Symphony Orchestra soundfont, I believe. Sorry if that's not much help.

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I have worked with both of those fonts. Everyone has their own idea of what a good orchestra font should sound like. I have heard SSO used with a DAW. It sounds really good. Unfortunately MuseScore is not a DAW (yet). As is, these fonts don't always play nicely with MuseScore. There are note duration problems, and lack of single note dynamics, to name a few. Pretty sure the default General and General HQ fonts have been crafted to work with well MuseScore.

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I definitely hear it in playback. however, when I first load the score, it doesn't play. First I have to click on a note from each instrument's stave to generate playback of that note, and then it will play. A full score mp3 export does not have either part, but an mp3 export of those individual parts does.

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Needing to click a note before it plays is a pretty sure sign your soundfont isn't compatible with your synthesizer settings, probably the single note dynamics settings. And/or the single note dynamics settings for the staff in Staff/Part Properties. Once you get that sort out, the export should work too.

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That should already be the default assuming the instrument itself supports single note dynamics. For example, bassoon does, but piano doesn't - not just in MuseScore, I mean actual physical pianos are incapable of single note dynamics and so it's disabled in MuseScore also.

Neither timpani nor glockenspiel are capable of changing volume on a single note, so they really shouldn't need to have this enabled. but if someone particular soundfont for some reason decided to implement it anyhow, and you decided to use that particular soundfont for these instruments, then indeed, you would need to override this.

If you plan to write a lot of music using this same set of instruments and using this same soundfont, you can set up one score as you like then save it to your Templates folder for easy reuse - it will be available alongside the built-in templates every time you create a new score.

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Okay. I just also discovered that with the Old Grand Piano sound in the Aegean Symphony Orchestra soundfont, dynamics do not work at all unless Use Single Note Dynamics is checked. I think it would behoove me to make sure that that is always checked when using that soundfont or the Sonatina Symphony Orchestra one (I'm never sure which soundfont the sounds belong to).

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