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• Feb 12, 2021 - 21:55


I have a few ideas that might be considered for future MuseScore versions (MuseScore 4 (or even 3)).

- Piano Expr. (to get a reversed piano sound)
- timpani roll Expr.
- drum roll (Marching snare) Expr.
- triangle roll Expr.
- tambourine roll Expr.
- cymbal roll Expr. (to get a suspended cymbal sound)

  • Search function in the sound list
  • check box „play“ for dynamics
  • different channels for all instruments (in order to get, for example, one normal timpani channel and a second one for the roll)
  • circle, underline group of notes (for educational proposes)
  • play an mp3 file within musescore files (like in MS PowerPoint)
  • Editing effects like vibrato, tremolo, editing sustain pedal pressure power (like in the program Harmony Assistant)
  • pitch shifter (to get timpani glissandi)


Hello! It's not really clear what you mean by "expr" in the above - that's a very specific abbreviation in MsueScore used to indicate sounds that respond to continuous controller messages to achieve single note dynamics. But in any case, MuseScore supports soundfont standards, so most likely, whatever sounds you are interested in already exist, you just need to find, download, and install an appropriate soundfont.

Regarding searching in the sound list, it's a common request that will hopefully be implemented someday, but meanwhile, do not that it is a standard dropdown menu, so it responds to typing in the usual way (eg, typing "tim" will take you directly to "Timpani".

Not sure what you mean about a checkbox for dynamics, but setting the velocity to 0 will cause any dynamic to have no effect.

You can have multiple channels for any instrument by adding appropriate instrument change texts, also by customizing the intruments.xml file, but indeed, other ways would be nice someday too and may well come with MuseScore 4.

UInderlining notes is possible by adding lines, circling by adding graphics or symbols from the Symbols palette, but indeed, a more full-featured drawing facility would be nice someday.

You use the "portamento" option on a glissando to get the effect you describe.

In the future, best to start new threads for new requests, to keep each thread focused on specific topics.

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Hello Marc Sabatella,

thank you for your reply and your time!

By "expr" I mean exactly what you described: additional sounds with single note dynamics.

Unfortunately, I have problems finding soundfonts that go well together with the MuseScore General soundfont: I am expecially searching for a timpani and cymbal roll with single note dynamics.
However, when I tried out some of these Soundfonts, for example Vanilla, Aegean Symphonic Orchestra etc., I had to realise they are too quiet, sound unrealistic or have no single note dynamics. It would be great to have extra sounds for the rolls (like the tremolo of the string section).

When it comes to dynamics, you are right, I am also interested in no-effect-dynamics. A check box would be more comfortable.

Is it also possible to choose sounds from the sound list? I am asking because not every sound from the sound list is available in the instrument list. Therefore, multiple channels would be helpful!

I tried out the "portamento" option but cannot reach the effects I am looking for.
In the File attachements are examples I would like to create in MuseScore.
Here is also a youtube video (5:28-5:50):

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pitch shifter_trumpet.mid 1.12 KB
Glissando_Sounds.mid 2.35 KB

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Hello Jojo-Schmitz,

thank you for your reply and time!

The problem: a timpani roll sounds like a ringing telephone when I use the tremolo symbol - completely unnatural!

I am searching for unmeasured tremolos where you don't hear every note of the tremolo. We already know that from the strings section: we have extra sounds for the arco, pizzicato and (unmeasured) tremolo.

And moreover, MuseScore Drumline extension offers an extra drum roll sound which sounds much better!
Regrettably, (de)crescendos do not work on that because of missing single note dynamics (expr.).

Here is the idea: could you offer extra sounds for the roll/ unmeasured tremolo with single note dynamics for timpanis, cymbals etc. in future MuseScore versions?

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So again, no new feature is needed, you just need to find a soundfont that provides this sound. It's not part of the General MIDI standard which is why typical soundfonts don't have it, but probably some speciality ones exist, or if not, you could create one. And indeed, someday, maybe with MIDI 2.0, the standard soundsfonts may increase the range of sounds available.

Make the bar finder easier. To go from score start to another bar is not very satisfactory (you need to know the exact bar you want). Also a feature such as the return to start feature would be nice if it was the same for go to end feature as well.

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