toggle element playback shortcut option

• Feb 11, 2021 - 17:17

when writing guitar music, if I want to show strum directions, but don't want the chord to be arpeggiated, I currently have to manually click the "play" box in the edit element screen. it takes up quite a bit of time in the final edit phase.


I know there are symbols designated "strum arrow", but they do not have an option to be placed to the left/right of chords. the straight arpeggio arrow is easier to work with because it has more edit options.

Add an arpeggio to the score, use the inspector to uncheck play
Then Ctrl+Shift+Drag it back into the palette for future reuse.

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is there a method to do this for the double-height right bracket as well? I want to change the offset so that they place properly, so I have added the symbol to may palette, placed it on a note, changed the offset via the element inspector, and the shift+control drag it back to the palette but it doesn't appear to save the changed offset.


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