"MuseScore quit unexpectedly" after latest MacOS update (to 11.2.1)

• Feb 10, 2021 - 19:41

After today's MacOS system update (11.2.1) on my MacBook Pro (2019), MuseScore keeps crashing after just touching a few notes or command keys. I still works for playback, but any attempt to change something in the score results in a crash.

A MuseScore update tot version 3.6.2 didn't help, nor did a factory reset in the Terminal. Anybody experience the same problem, or have ideas to fix?

Latest crash report attached below.

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It happens indeed, like in this other crash report, every time I try to edit the score. With every score I have. I tried to edit the drums, so I thought it was caused by a problem in a specific bar. But then I tried all the other scores I have kept, and it happens every time after a few single edit. And then I realised I had just updated to MacOs 11.2.1. I can send you the score I am working on right now, but I prefer to do that in a safe communication.

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I didn't explain right. The first time it happened while editing a specific bar: it crashed right after changing three notes in the drums section. But after that, it happened in every bar, in every score, with every instrument, every time I just touched anything. And that's when I realised it started after updating to MacOS 11.2.1

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No crash for me, on Windows 10.
As per the crash report it is pretty deed (22 stack levels) into Apple code, so to me very likely an Apple only problem and related to that latest macOS update. Also won't be the first time that a macOS update cause issues with MuseScore, and none that MuseScore had any way to fix but by wating on the next macOS fix

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FIXED IT! I disabled a new feature in MacOS 11.2.1, that automatically enlarges a text below the pointer (but only when you press the Apple command key).
No single crash after that.
System Preferences > Accessability > Zooming > Enlarge text below pointer.
Don't select that option!

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Wow, good catch! That is indeed the problem!
If I enable that option, I can also easily reproduce the crash.
I sent a crash report to Apple with some information, with a link to this thread so that they know multiple users are encountering the same problem.

What I still don't understand, is why it only happens with MuseScore. Dorico, which uses Qt 5.14.0, does not crash, even works well together with macOS's zooming function. Maybe it's because we use Qt 5.9.9...

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