ObjectExplorer_v2.0: How to make it Linux-compatible?

• Feb 10, 2021 - 05:54

I would like to get the ObjectExplorer_v2.0 plugin (https://musescore.org/en/project/objectexplorer-v20) running with MS3.6.2 on Linux. The "FileIO" facility, used to write the log file, appears to be Windows-specific. The plugin kept hanging when I tried to use it; finally I went in and started commenting things, and commenting the file write fixed the hang. There are other Windows-specific references, like starting Notepad to display the log file, that should be removed. Is there a suitable Qt class that I can use to replace the FileIO?


FileIO is a wrapper around the Qt class for FileIO and entirely crossplatform.
The only thing windows specific is the call to "notepad" which you can replace by whichever texteditor you want (gedit on gnome for example).

I do see that the path for FileIO is using tempPath() and that might be your main issue (hang), so try just setting an explicit path there instead.
Or change file.write with console.log for starters.

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jeetee: Thanks for the prompt response. So where did you find the path for FileIO? I don't see it in the plugin .qml file. And what should the path be set to? Or perhaps you can tell me - where can I find this information for myself?

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