Click Track Creation

• Feb 10, 2021 - 00:54

I have completed a song, which I now wish to share with some of my musical friends so they can learn it, and we can all record ourselves and compile a video of it for our church's livestream service. I would like to provide everyone with a clicktrack, but I do not know how to do this. Even with the metronome turned on while exporting the mp3 file, it did not export with the metronome clicks. Does MuseScore have a function for creating clicktracks, and, if not, is there another way I can make one?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


I'd add a woodblock instrument to your score, notate a single measure in the "click" rhythm you want select it and press and hold R to replicate it throughout the score. Then possibly hide it.

I'm trying to do something similar - add a woodblock for a click to go along with a simple melody line.
What I'd like to do is add the click to the same staff that the melody is on and make it invisible.
Is that possible?

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Of course; I just made a copy since I was adding measures to make a pause before the score starts for the click track. My biggest complaint with click tracks is that they never give you enough time to get ready once you start it, so I gave my quartet the whole of six seconds and then some to pick up their instruments. I also added two measures pickup for the click track before the song started.

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