transposing to C# harmonic minor my B# s are C naturals. Question: how to select all instances of a given

• Feb 10, 2021 - 00:34

note spelling [in this case C nat.] and change them all to B#s ?



sorry for this unnecessary post.
In case anybody is wondering
The answer is in the handbook.Right click, select/More/Same note name.

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It's helpful to see this come up occasionally. In fact on my Mac the operation is as follows:

  1. Select note - use CTRL-click.
    A pop up menu appears.
  2. Select is the 4th option from the bottom.
    There is another menu available.
    3, At the bottom of that menu there is More ...
    The menu there includes a whole bunch of options, including same note name, same pitch, same note type

Once all the notes have been selected the pitch can be raised or lowered, or the notation on each note modified etc.

It is really useful to know about this kind of feature.

It also works with other elements, such as breath marks, accents, etc. - so for example it's possible to select all the pauses and remove them. I'm not sure if it's possible to substitute elements like that however.

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