guitar tab, hammer on?

• Feb 9, 2021 - 18:09

I may be missing something but I have searched the online handbook and cannot find how to add a hammer-on in guitar tab. Is it possible and if so could someone direct me to the handbook page? The closest I come is adding a slur in the musical notation.


There are a number of different ways that can be notated, so if you describe the specific notations you are looking for, we can suggest the most appropriate way to go about it. Tons of symbols on the Symbols palettes (press "Z" to display).

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Indeed, it does come up, but it also seems to me different people have requested different symbols, which is one reason it hasn't happened as a separate feature. As it is, the above appears to show dotted slurs, and we do support those, so in that sense, the original request is already implemented, except I guess for playback. But the ability to add centered text would also be useful to implement the specific variation described further down with the "H". Others use different notation still from what I understand.

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"But the ability to add centered text would also be useful to implement the specific variation described further down with the "H". Others use different notation still from what I understand."

The "H" of Hammer On and the "P.O" (or single P.) of Pull Off are always centered in all published scores. I don't think I've ever seen it any other way. And it's really such a common and basic function/display, again, that it's still surprising that it's absent from MuseScore.

gp hampo.jpg

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I just wonder, if it's more a missing element of the palettes or of playback. In first case maybe shouldn't it be easy to add it to the palettes, in latter case for developers maybe the code of bending could be a base to implement it?

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What I mean is, a lot of scores don't use these at all, but only have the slur, dotted or not. I agree the text, when present, should be centered, and that's why I listed that as something that would indeed be good to add someday. I don't tend to work much on the tab-specific features so it's not been on my radar, but FWIW I don't recall seeing that many people ask for the H in particular. Usually people seem more concerned with just adding the line the way they want, and getting the playback. Or so it seems to me. Maybe if more people start specifically requesting the centered letter, it will happen.

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I agree, new features should be added by frequency of requests concerning the priority. On the other hand this music notation is a common standard (as far I can see from my guitar scores) and I wonder, if it would be difficult to implement it. Not sure, how other music notation application handle it. As far I remember it, this request comes up frequently from time to time.
Btw.: Maybe a good topic for the MuseScoreCafé tomorrow (how to handle feature requests) ;-)?

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I don't think it would be particularly difficult to implement, no. Maybe a bit tricky to position it well over curved lines likes slurs as opposed the straight lines, but not rocket science, either. Hmm, actually, of all the things I've ever said that about, somehow dealing with calculating points along a mathethatic curve is closer to rocket science than anything else I've worked on :-).

And yes, if you're around for the Cafe, definitely ask about that!

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OT: Unfortunately I can't join the live chat tomorrow because I have to work. But be sure that I will view the stream with Tantacrul later again;-).
My thought is regarding the development of MuseScore 4, as far as I read, what will be the main purpose of it. A conclusion between music notation and a DAW or how to improve the standards of music notation?
As for "hammering" and "subtracting", I suspect applications like "guitar pro" or "kguitar" can handle something like that, I'm not sure about "Sibelius", "Finale", etc.
FWIW it's only a simple example of other missing music notation elements they could be improved.

Well, I guess I didn't miss it if it's not there. Seems like a very basic thing that should be for guitar. It also seems a simple thing to add to the pallets to have either an H or P over the slur. How does one go about officially requesting a new thing? I'll be glad to. BTW need a slide also.

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