Request: Adding two articulations separately creates the combination articulation

• Feb 8, 2021 - 18:20

I know this is quite niche BUT: it would be awesome if adding two articulations on top of each other automatically resulted in the combined articulation (where such exists).

For example, I have a passage for cello where every note should be staccato, and a few should be Accent-staccato. At the moment if I want the two articulations to look right and play back correctly, I have to use the Accent-staccato marking for some and staccato for the others.

In a perfect world I could select the whole measure, press Command-S for staccato, select my accented notes, press Command-V for accent, and Musescore would combine the staccato and accent where they happen simultaneously into the Accent-staccato marking.

Obviously not a big game changer, just slight workflow improvement.

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It happens.. Staccato on top, tenuto below for example.
We had that happen at some development build in the past (auto-replace) but never figured out a good way to handle a situation where this is then not wanted.

Mind you, I still see value in allowing this kind of thing (although one could wonder why you aren't adding the combined marking directly instead) but it shouldn't loose the flexibility the current system has imho.

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That makes sense. Okay I have it -- scratch the auto-combining idea, that's not the issue.

The real issue in the case of 2 separate symbols is (1) Playback doesn't work correctly, and (2) The two symbols are further apart from each other than the combined symbol.

I don't actually care if it's 1 or 2 symbols, I just want it to look and sound right.

The solution therefore is: (1) Fix playback so that staccato mark changes duration and accent mark changes volume, as one would expect. I'm guessing that currently playback only accepts 1 input, so this would require a restructuring to allow multiple inputs. That might be a bit involved, but I can't help feeling like it's a needed change. The user would expect multiple articulation symbols to each have the desired effect. And (2) fix the spacing so that stacked symbols are closer together (dependent on which symbols of course).

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I remember this having come up before, but didn't recall it being implemented then backed out. I know I suggested at one point we could somehow tie this to autoplace, so disabling that on the combined articulation would separate them. And then maybe somehow leave it enabled on the separates one Can't say I really thought it through that hard. Anyhow, I agree it often would be nice to have them combine by default, but it should also be possible to override it.

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