Your experience with Musescore 3.6

• Feb 8, 2021 - 14:23


dear composers with Musescore 3.6. What is your experience with the new Update, especially with the font Edwin? Do you like it more than the old one? Did you have any trouble with it?




In general I like Edwin, although it bothers me something that it is quite incomplete, lacking a lot of special characters that I end up needing to take from FreeSerif. Not that I personally use a whole lot of these.

Leland for notation I do like better overall than Emmentaler although it took a little while for me to warm up it.

Pretty much everything else is an absolute improvement, no reservations.

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I like Edwin a lot, and will probably go back and retrofit many of my older scores with it, where I had used Freeserif. I use an imported font, Cardo, for titles, etc,, and lyrics; but kept Freeserif for the rest. I was never a fan of Freeserif--it looks so, well, bo-o-oring.

What characters, specifically, do you find lacking in Edwin?

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Lots of Unicode stuff. In the Special Characters dialog, click the Unicode tab, then go up and down the list of blocks on the left. You'll see there is basically nothing under geometric shapes or miscellaneous symbols, almost nothing (ironically) under musical symbols, a slim selection of arrows, etc. I use these some in producing educational materials.

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