allow midi control messages when midi input is off in the main panel

• Feb 7, 2021 - 16:29

I would be handy if the midi control messages that are configured in the Preferences - Note Input panel are always handled by Musescore, or has a separe control to enable/disable them.

When Midi Input is switched of in the main button bar or in the prefereces, Musescore ignores ALL midi messages, not only for note input but also the messages for control functions.
I have a small and cheap usb midi controller on top of my digital piano that allows me to control start, stop, rewind and other functions with buttons just a few centimeters from my piano keys. That is much easier to reach and less distracting then having to move my hand to the computer keyboard or even to manipulate the mouse.
The midi-input-off function is necessary, because you want to have it enabled only when doing note-input to the score. Otherwise Musescore will sound your midi input notes using the voice of the track that the cursor happen to be at that time, with may give very stange sounds (cow bells, drums, ...)

Currently I've solved it for myself using a mididings filter that picks up my midi controller events and sends them as the appropriate OSC messages to Musescore.

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