Chord identifier (pop & jazz) labels minor key chords with major key roman numerals

• Feb 7, 2021 - 03:17

Hello. New user here. I created a grand staff score in g minor (2 flats key signature). When I run the chord identifier (pop & jazz) plugin using letter names it identifies a G minor chord (G2, D3, G4, Bb4) as Gm. But when I set the plugin to use Roman numerals it identifies the chord as a VIm instead of Im. Is there a way to make the plugin identify Roman numerals based on the minor key?
Thanks, Tom.


NOTE: After creating this topic in the Support forum I realized that there is a separate forum for plugins. I created it there as well. If there's a moderator, will you please delete it from this forum?
Thanks, Tom.

Tom: I have exactly the same problem: did you ever find a solution, please ?
If not, could some clever person fix this please (in any or all of the chord identifier plug-ins) ? I think it should be straighforward (just subtract 5 or add 2, all modulo 7, converting from and back to roman numerals) but I don't know how to code that... It'd possibly/presumably need an extra button to give the option for the key to be treated as minor rather than major...

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