Managing chord notation

• Feb 6, 2021 - 22:09

Most of my scores consist of a lead guitar with linked tablature and a second staff for rhythm guitar. Although these 3 lines are the basis of the score, I often want to print them individually. (This is the subject of another request.) However, we also want to have chords shown along with the staff line being printed. This requires the chords be entered 3 times, once for each staff.

My suggestion is to separate the chord symbols from the staves and create a new type of staff line that would contain only the chord symbols. This will disconnect the chord symbols from the notes and instead connect them to a beat of the measure. This way the chords would only have to be entered once but could be printed with any one of the staffs in the score.

I hope this makes sense. Let me know if it doesn't.


+1. Sounds like that would just mean treating the chord symbols as system text instead of (I'm assuming) staff text. We already have this for rehearsal marks, don't see why chord symbols couldn't behave the same way, though I don't know what coding that would look like.

I agree such a feature could be useful, but note this is already possible. Enter them once, copy/paste them to other staves, make those invisible.

Or as you so wrote, add a new instrument, make its staff/barlines invisible in the staff properties for it and attach the chord symbols to it. Then include that in each part.

But I doubt it'll be any easier than just entering the chord symbols on one instrument and then copy-paste them over to the other instruments.

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