Dynamics change ineffective immediately after Sfz/Rfz

• Feb 6, 2021 - 10:55
  1. Add a sforzato or rinforzando marking.
  2. Add a different (softer) dynamic marking anchored to the very next note.

Expectation: the velocity changes as per the new dynamics (softer).
Reality: the velocity stays as defined by the sfz/rfz marking (loud).

If you add the new (softer) marking to any other note AFTER the very next one, it works as expected.

See the dynamics circled in red in the attached file.

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Sforzato_to_piano_bug_example.mscz 11.93 KB


Indeed, this is not implemetned in a way that can remember the previous dynamic, instead it simply has a value of velocity change. You can customize this in the Inspector to avoid the need to add a new dynamic.

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You have two different things both competing to set the velocity level of that next note: the velocity change on the sfz, and the velocity of the new dynamic. If they are not in agreement, there will be a winner and a loser. FWIW, I'd agree the winner probably should be the new dynamic, it should overrule the velocity change on the sfz, but since it doesn't, the solution for now is to make sure they agree. The simplest way to do that, actually is to set the velocity change on the sfz to 0. This prevents it from having any effect at all, thus allowing the next dynamic to take precedence.

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