Number of bars in template, and enable auto-size

• Feb 5, 2021 - 20:44

When I use the new score wizard, at the last page it always offers me 32 bars, which I always change because this is never enough. I recently worked out how to save my own template, which I have done. When I open that template later in the same session, it offers the correct number of bars. However, when I open the same template in a different session, say, the following day, the number of bars is back at 32. How can I stop it reverting to this figure? I would also like to permanently disable the auto-size feature, but this does not seem to be storable either in a template or a style. How can I do this?


The default numbers of measures is not part of the template, it's just remembered from the last score you created. but also, don't worry about entering s number here, you can easily add measures later.

For auto-size, if you mean for vertical frames, there is no setting to disable it, but you also won't need to as of 3.6.2 to be released soon, it will disable itself as soon as you try change the size. So there should be no disadvantage to having it set by default.

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Thank you for that. It seems that the reason it was reproducing the number of bars when I opened a template later in the same session was simply that it was remembering how many I had asked for when I created the score that I then saved as a template. It would be useful if it remembered this detail the following day. After all, I have preferences set to "continue last session", so I should have thought this would be something that it remembered in continuing the session.

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The only thing it remembers is the last value you entered into that field, whether that was when creating the template or creating some completely unrelated score. Just as with the composer, key, meter, and tempo, it simply remembers the last things you entered. But only within a session. "Continue last session" is only about re-opening the same scores you had open. Conceivably someday it could be extended to remember more, so feel free to make an official Suggestion in the issue tracker about that.

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