two-bar repeat (2-Takt-Faulenzer)

• Feb 5, 2021 - 12:49

I know, I know, it has been requested multiple times before...

But we still need it. Especially for non-classical scores (drums, rhythm guitar) the two bar repeat is absolutely common and a severe lack in MuseScore. (If the playback functionality should be a problem here then please add it anyhow so that we have it at least for engraving.)

Last week I got a score – from someone who uses Finale – to work on and it had two-bar repeats in it. It was serious tinker work for me to manually produce those. That shouldn't be necessary anymore.

Please add two-bar repeats!


But, if you don't care about playback, it's trivial to get this in MuseScore 3 already - just find it in the Symbols palette (press Z to display). Add it to the barline and position manually and it should work perfectly. If you care about playback, I personally recommend an invisible staff containing the content you want to hear but not see, that's always my go to. But there are other clever schemes people have come up with too, see for instance

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