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• Feb 4, 2021 - 20:19

Using 3.6 I have the following problem. I create an item of staff text (with Ctrl-T), place it where I want it, save and ‎close the file. When I reopen, the text has been moved. I thought the problem would likely be automatic ‎placement, so I turned that off, adjusted the text, and saved; see first screen shot. Upon reopening, the text ‎was again improperly positioned; see second screen shot. I tried turning automatic placement back on; this ‎time, the vertical placement was correct but ‘da Capo’ had been moved to the left and collides with the ‎period. It’s not just this text element, either; see the third screen shot. I am unable to get ‘Rondeau’ to ‎stay positioned to the left of the staff, centered, or to get 'Vivement' aligned with the left edge of the staff. Turning automatic placement off and on gives different problems, but the positioning is always incorrect when I reopen the file. I have repeated all this several times.‎

It occurs to me that the problem with 'Rondeau' might lie with the new feature to indent the first system of a composition (I have this turned on). However, that would not explain the problems with the other two.

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It is usually best when reporting a problem if you to attach the actual score, not just pictures. And give us precise steps to reproduce the problem.

But, from the picture, I can guess one thing - it's connected to the fact that for some reason you have disabled "Follow staff size" for this text. That's not normally something you'd want to do - it was originally meant just for the title and other text not connected to the staff. But there was a bug in older versions that could produce this wandering result if you did. ever do this for text connected to a staff. That should be fixed for 3.6.1.

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Thank you Marc. For some reason, when I first began using MuseScore about two years ago, I got in the habit of unchecking "Follow Staff Size" for all my custom text styles. As I recall it had something to do with fingering size changing when I didn't want it to, but I'm not clear after all this time -- and I was new to MuseScore, so I'm sure I did various bad things. In any case, adding that check seems to have fixed the problem. The weird thing is that I never had issues with such text wandering before moving to 3.6. (I now see that 3.6.1 is out.)

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Fingering and other text that is attached to a staff should normally scale with the staff - if you make a score for a large ensemble and need a very small staff size, you would normally want the fingering etc. small too, Otherwise it would look pretty comical. The only things you might not want to scale would be things like tempo or repeat text, although realistically you probably want to split the difference there and choose a size manually.

The issue with offsets not being handled properly for staff-attached text is present in some form in all MuseScore 3 version (not sure about 2), but it could well be specific steps that reproduce the problem are different for different 3.x versions. One bug was fixed in 3.6 and in so doing, it exposed a different bug that was hiding behind the first, and now that second bug is fixed also.

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