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• Feb 4, 2021 - 19:08

when i havethis score open in the Software, the parts are in the right key. When I export the parts, they are in the right key. when I upload it to the website and download it from their to print it. the parts are not in the write key. I need to print this off my phone (so I would have to download from the website) becuase my computer cannot connect to the printer and my phone can.

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You have Concert Pitch turned On in the Parts. Back up your file in case this goes wrong... then Delete the Parts and recreate the Parts.

I think you may be being bitten by a bug that kicks in if you save the file while score is in concert pitch but the parts are not. Next time you open the score, the parts will become concert key, but the key signatures won't adjust, so you'll be stuck in this weird place. That's fixed for 3.6.2 to be release in a few days. Meanwhile, to fix this, you need to turn concert pitch off the score (you can turn it on when working with it, just have it off when you last saved before closing). Then fix the key signatures in the parts. Or, you can try downloading the latest nightly build of MuseScore 3.x (as opposed to "master") and help us test that this is really fixed. But, your score laods as expected for me with the latest build.

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Concert pitch is just one of the many style settings that are affected by this. When the issue was first reported, it wasn't about concert pitch but about frame around measure numbers. Only gradually did I come to realize it was about that, or about frames on all text, or about all properties on all text, but all style settings period. But yeah, concert pitch is obviously the most destructive here, and that's why I kept hounding to get that fix in to 3.6.2, so thanks for your help on that too :-)

So far the fix seems good, I haven't managed to break it, but I guess time will tell after 3.6.2 is released (hopefully in the next day or two).

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