Figured bass: octave/quint/third position symbols available?

• Feb 2, 2021 - 10:20

I am searching for the possibility to add voice positioning symbols (like an 8 below a circumflex) to a figured bass sequence. Are such symbols available? Or is there any other trick to be used with Musescore?

Thank you!


For those of us not familiar with what you're looking for, can you point us to an image of the desired end result?

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Absolutely, sure!
I prepare harmony exercises for students of mine. Sometimes I'd like to indicate, which chord inversion should be used above a bass note. To do that the numbers "8" or "5" or "3" (with a circumflex "^") can be used to "describe" the top-most note of the (root) harmony at place.
The screenshot will probably tell more then my words. :-)

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