numbers for divisi

• Feb 1, 2021 - 16:52

I love the new Leland/Edwin fonts for MuseScore. Really nice job.
But there is something that is still missing when dealing with orchestral music. I can't indicate the numbers of the divisi (see below).

instrument numbers for divisi.png

I've searched solutions over the forum and the web, but I found nothing.
So first, is it possible to do it ? If yes, please help !
If not, does someone know if developpers are working on it ?
Best regards


For this to properly work MuseScore would need to change the way it handles Instrument names. In MuseScore one Insrument has one Name, and if you want a Division such as this you’d need to add all staves as one instrument.
The proper way to do it would be something such as Lilypond does it: Any staff can have an instrument name, staves can form Groups that themselves can have Instrument names.
Of course doing this in MuseScore would mean lots of effort. But we could do a compromise and just let not only the instrument have an instrument name, but every single staff also have a separate name. This could be done with reasonable effort (as it does not require a big change to how MuseScore organizes Staves).

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